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If you work in a job that requires IT services, such as a bank or call centre then you may be aware of what data cabling is. O’Gorman Installation Technology Limited was set up to provide electrical, IT, and cabling services to businesses. Based in Crawley, we provide services to many places in England so let’s take a look at data cabling Surrey and what it involves.

Data Cabling Services – What Are They?

Data cabling is a technique for tying together various components of an IT network, such as servers, printers, CCTV cameras, and PCs. Copper and fibre are the two main types of data cable, and varying grades of each of these two types of cable lead to various standards. The cables will be run from a central location where a communication cabinet will be installed. In most cases, all cables go back to the same cabinet, but for large-scale deployment, you could have a cabinet per floor. Cables are run to a floor box or wall-mounted point close to where the device will be situated. Since fibre cables can be run over considerably greater distances than copper cables, they typically link up many cabinets as opposed to individual devices and the nearest cabinet with copper cables.


Speeds that CAT5e cables can operate – When a 1000Mbps connection is negotiated with a network switch, all pairs of the copper cable are utilised, allowing for normal 10/100/1000Mbps rates to be reached across a distance of 100 metres.


Because CAT6 is still a copper cable, its maximum total length is limited to 100 metres. CAT6 data cables can operate at the following speeds: 10/100/1000 and 10000 Mbps.

Cat7 (Fibre Optic)

Fibre optic is a flexible glass tube-like cable that enables fast, long-distance light to pass through it. Depending on the speed required, fibre cables (OM1-5) can operate at speeds of 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000. They can be run between 500 metres and 2 kilometres.

Data Cable Installation

We will provide the electrical cables you require for your Surrey workplace prior to installation. Here, care is taken to guarantee that your cables are reliable, long-lasting, and will cause the least amount of downtime possible in the event of a system breakdown. After developing a plan outlining the cables across your property, we will start installing them for your teams. Another crucial step in this procedure is testing, which will enable your installer to confirm that your system is capable of handling your data needs. Keep in mind that in this process picking the correct service provider might help you get the most return on your investment. Professionals have the skills necessary to finish the installation while lowering health and safety hazards in your area. They not only make sure your cables are arranged in an adaptable enough way to expand with you, but they also provide you with assistance by providing follow-up and maintenance services as needed.

Data and Network

– Why Network Cabling Is Important

Data cabling services primarily refer to the organisation of these cables and making sure they satisfy the specifications of the building in which they are located. Scalability, having less downtime, and the ability to resolve issues quickly and safety are just a few of the benefits of using network cables in Surrey.

Utilizing networking cables has several advantages, one of which is that it facilitates scaling as and when required. The clean packaging of the cables or wires by network cabling makes it simple to instal new machinery, computers, and other devices. Additionally, network cabling’s organisation means fewer connectivity problems and thus reduced downtime, which leads to higher production.

Networking cables also make it possible to discover problems more quickly and easily, which speeds up problem-solving. Additionally, network cabling gives your room a cleaner, more ordered appearance, which improves the appearance of the area. Last but not least, network cabling is safer than loose cables and wires, which can be dangerous and result in fires, electrical shocks, and falls.

Choose OIT For Your Data Cabling in Surrey

OIT has a committed staff that was hand-selected from individuals with various experiences, enabling us to provide a variety of services in Surrey. We think that rather than limiting your organization’s performance, technology should complement and enhance it. With our extensive offering of world-class services, we offer specialised answers for your electrical or IT requirements. We’re dedicated to doing our jobs well so you can concentrate on doing yours.